Let's think beyond, please.

We at Moonlink incubate, develop and push young startups and ideas. We closely research everyday processes, evaluate ideas and brainstorm for improvements.

Working with the most brilliant minds in the industry, tackling actual non-viable thought goals are our daily business.

Mixed together of a bunch of Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Software Engineers, MOONLINK was founded in 2022 on the basis of a simple idea.
This idea turned into a LEAN project resulting in an Android and iOs App within a few weeks, catching peoples attention already along the development phase, having a handful of potential investors at hand before the release of the pre-beta version.

Our Core

Think Tank
We are driven by inventing and re-inventing. Simplifying complex processes. Drawing up blueprints for the impossible.
Going to market fast (LEAN), listening and learning from users, monitoring critical feedback, implementing changes.
It takes less
A short decision-making process between only the founders keeps us moving forward at a rapid pace.
Diverse & Same
Meet Creative Minds, long term Serial Entrepreneurs and industry leading Software Engineers combined in one place.
Planet wide
We get inspired by cultures, deep talks and emerging topics. Roaming the planet keeps us open minded all along.
Security driven
We stick to the highest security standards in terms of data protection for our clients and their customers.
A simple Vision
01. That could be improved.
02. How can it be improved?
03. Let's improve it.